Pork prohibited! For Islam of food [halal]

Announced the advice to spend the Ramadan period to health Pork prohibited! We will introduce Islam of food [halal]! Do you know about food that are prohibited in Islam? I have to know somehow, well should many people that the reason is not known. In this article, more information will introduce about food, which is taboo in Islam. About food that Islam prohibits Speaking of Islam, it's famous for pork and drink is prohibited. However, simply it does not mean that I must eat this Tsu. Muslims for meal with confidence in Japan is as it very hard. In this article, we will introduce Islam of food. Islam is defined [Halal] and is And [Halal (Halal)] is, refers to the food that has been allowed to eat on the Islamic law. It means that if translate to Japanese [doing things that may or may not do it as well. On the contrary, says the forbidden food, such as pork and drinks and [haram]. Here and translate into Japanese, it means that [shall not doing]. Halal mark The food that meet the standards of halal appears halal mark. Standards of Halal because it varies depending on the certification body of the country, does not mean that the unit has been unified with the world standards.