Why pork forbidden in Islam? If you eat pork?

Announced the advice to spend the Ramadan period to health [Unknown fact] Why pork forbidden in Islam? If you eat pork? Japanese to hear that Muslims, [not drink the alcohol, pigs do not eat] is to think of would be like. It is likely to be likely can image more to the other, but it's become why this and according to the Japanese. In Japan, pork cutlet, boiled pork, such as pig bone ramen it is it is full of tasty pork dish. So, because [Muslims not eat pig] for the Japanese people, it must have been abuses shocking concept. Not eat pig food can not help loving the Japanese, the tragedy of Muslims. Oh, God. Why Desuka to such a terrible thing. Why Islam of God forbade the pig. Consider the reason. Why Muslims do not eat pig First of all, for the behavior and thinking of the Muslims, why the answer is in the roughly, is written in the scriptures Koran of Islam. This is because the Koran is what, because made to the Code of Conduct Statement of Muslims. Description of the pig found in the Koran place. Let's take a look at some of them. He is your valley, the (things to eat) is forbidden thing, carrion, blood, pork, and is intended, which is provided other than Allah (in the name).