Why Muslims do not eat pork?

Announced the advice to spend the Ramadan period to health Why Muslims do not eat pork? Muslims do not eat pork. I wonder why. It is because Islamic law forbids. That is because God is saying that it is useless. However, I wonder why God has forbidden. Simply think if Judaism is a religion of the preceding gave a strong influence on Islam is or will not because prohibits the consumption of pork. So, why Judaism prohibits pork. Perhaps will not because it is very difficult health management of pig. Pigs are susceptible to disease. Therefore, in order to person through infected meat to the disease is not harmed, Jewish law is either not had forbidden the consumption of pork, because it is a guess of the author. Each time you hear the news that disease in pig farms has occurred, as long as the hygiene management is difficult even today in Japan in the ancient Middle East, imagine that would have been even more. The Judaism and Islam had prohibited the consumption of pork, in order to protect the congregation of health, because it is therefore if there is a decent rationality is the author of Asajie.