Muslim country, boom [pig farming industry] in Morocco

Announced the advice to spend the Ramadan period to health Muslim country, boom [pig farming industry] in Morocco Although pork is a taboo for Muslims, in Morocco thanks to the pragmatism of development and livestock suppliers of tourism, pig farming industry has caused a big boom. [Tourism there pig where there is] and to talk about is, S, who has been breeding the city Agadir (Agadir) 0 pigs in a suburb located in the coastal areas (). Originally had engaged in the poultry industry, suffer the blow of bird flu, it began the pig industry in collaboration with the French to 0 years ago. Morocco the number of tourists in 2000 is expected to exceed 000 million people. S Mr. hopes to meet the surge in demand by doubling the pig within a year. But, myself do not eat pig in accordance with the teachings of Islam. [Imam (religious leaders) is that you are breeding pigs, I never accused me] In North African countries, Algeria, Libya, but pig farming industry has been prohibited in Mauritania, it has been accepted in Morocco and Tunisia. The two countries of the beach and the desert surging tourists from Europe.